Master Sync?

What is master sync? Ive tried it but cant work out what it does

Can you please give some further information about what exactly you’re referring to?

djay Pro does have an internal Master which determines the Deck all the other Decks are syncing to. Nevertheless it is not accessible for the user. Probably you’re talking about something else?

The Master Sync Deck is the Deck, all the other Decks are syncing to (when hitting “Sync”). The “Set Sync Master” Midi control can be used to determine a Deck to the Master Sync Deck.

Please note that there can always be only one Master.

I’m in the midi menu … I select any deck … Then under heading “Tempo” there are two options …“Sync” and “Set Sync Master”

I can see what sync does but not set sync master

Any ideas?