master volume really low

I am running djay pro for mac, and I have a DDJ-SB2 mixer - for some reason, the master volume is really low. Adjusting the sound level doesn’t do anything. DDJ-SB2 is what my output/input is set to on my mac. Help!

Will a simple preamp help a bit with this? I bought this one.

I can adjust if it’s just a bit higher…

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hey, today that same problem happened to me volume wouldn’t work.
restarting my Mac took care of it.

Hi there,

thank you for your post.
Can you send us an image of your setup and the general output settings of djay Pro?

Hello today

I must t tell you this dj pro. Or dj pro 2 or i.e. does not have master volume control at all they only have gains…for. 1 an 2 now if you want power high volume do like I did

Get a eq, power amp, some full range speaker system and then you can arrange master volume…

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