Match algorithm improvements / settings

Hey guys,

I really like the Match option, but I feel there’s some room for improvement.

My first suggestion would be that matching should take the actual BPM of the playing track into account as opposed to the original BPM. I might have a 127 BPM tune playing at 130, but Match will still look for the default tempo (127) instead of the current BPM (130). This makes it harder than necessary to ramp up sets in tempo.

It would be really great if you could set Match to return only key compatible tracks. Right now there’s a reasonable chance none of the Match suggestions are going to blend in nicely.

Refresh / Reload the Match list with new / other tracks would be nice to have too.

Opening up / making it possible to set different options like BPM, key and for example variables like genre or year would make Match far more usable and exponentially more awesome.

Thanks for listening!