Match songs on iOS, not work as same as on Mac

I have noted that, Match Songs function works on desktop (Mac) without any sign-in to any streaming services, but I can not say the same regarding on iOS. On iOS (iPad) if I want to use match song function on iOS I’ve must need to sign in a Streaming services. Why not works as same as on Mac? Why need to log into streaming services to get matched song from my library? Thats not make any sense!

Good question @DJ-Z. I suspect this might be some kind of internal iOS access restriction, but I’ll check with the engineering team to be sure. Thanks!

Hi @DJ-Z,

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Thank you so much!

Sure, I’ve noted! But for now that is not relevant. All necessary info up there! This is not an issue or a bug! Just check Djay on any desktop, then on iOS.
So, why should I log in to a streaming services to match song, if that works on mac without that?
That’s all!

@DJ-Z, I spoke with the engineering team, and as I suspected, this is due to a limitation on iOS.

Thank you Slak the info. I have my own library, I don’t want to log in to any streaming services. So, why need this limitation on iOS? Why this forcing to login to use that feature? I’m totally confused…Also, I have subscription! I feel thats not fair

You’re welcome @DJ-Z. Like is said this is a limitation imposed by iOS. This operating system has different restrictions on how the djay Pro software can interact with the music stored on your device.

As for this:

I’m not sure what login you are referring to. Please share some screenshots to more clearly explain what you are talking about. Thanks!

I’ve had referred login as log in to any streaming services, but forget that question not relevant anymore.

But, this iOS restrictions is more than strange to me.

DJay already have permission to interact my files, since I have downloaded from app store. Thats is so clear isn’t it?

Since Apple Music integrated into DJay and local Music have listed in Djay’ library and DJay can interact any of my local musics/songs! Right? After this, why DJay need any additional/extra permission to use Match Songs feature?

For example, I have ordered a pizza which is front of me on the desk, then, would I need an extra permission to eat that?

Slak, dear my friend can you ask again your dev team please, to just, check this case again with a different view?

Hi @DJ-Z,

Just wanted to chime in to thank you for your continued feedback and general dialogue, as it helps us understand where we can better assist users such as yourself.

We’ve gone ahead and shared said feedback with our engineering team, and should they have any updates regarding your inquiry, we will update this thread accordingly.

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Thank you Nathaniel, so appreciated that! I have an older version of Djay on my Son’s iPad (Yes I’m 51) and I will check this on that too.

Hi guys any update about that function?

Hi @DJ-Z, we do not have any updates to report on this. As mentioned above, we will provide any updates here when they become available. Thanks!

Apple position is very different then yours, I have called them, so your dev team standard reply is very strange. Please make focus this question.

@DJ-Z feel free to also vote on this feature, I think it’s very much related to what you are looking for: Full-blown match feature (like Related Tracks in Rekordbox)

This feature as I’m referred above, it is an existing feature in djay pro, and works well on mac, but not on iOS! On iOS need an extra subscription, thats not fair as I feel if already have an valid subscription. (Voted)


I got this from 3 years ago, it seems that is not a New Sun Rise, isn’t it

Team still working on that? Just one question WHY?WHY?WHY? yippiyoyippye, snoopdogydog is in the house :))

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