Full-blown match feature (like Related Tracks in Rekordbox)

I would like to have a decent Match feature that works with local music and is customizable. For reference, I am including a screenshot of Rekordbox on iOS. It gives you many ways of matching tracks, among them BPM, key and year. For all of them, it lets you customize how the matching is working: For BPM, you can choose a percentage range, key can be same, 1 key off or 2 key off („fuzzy key sync“) and year can also be in a range. You can also choose which track is used as reference: master or a specific deck.

For the start, we don’t need all of the options from Rekordbox, just BPM and key would already be very helpful.

Lastly, it is also possible to manually mark tracks as matching, just like in desktop djay (sadly still not available on mobile). One shortcoming in rekordbox is that you can’t mix and match these approaches so djay could improve this - it would be nice if you could see tracks according to your criteria with your manually selected matching tracks at the top. Since there is only side panel, this way you can see matching tracks if you have some but also see related tracks without having to go back and forth.

Why have this feature? This is immensely useful for finding songs that work well together. It makes curating a library a more straightforward approach.

PS: there have been a few new topics like this recently but I didn’t know which one was most appropriate to add to. Would probably be good to collect all of them under one bigger thread. I found the following ones:


Thanks for the suggestion @djjoejoe. Voted! I’ve sent this to the dev team for further consideration.

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Hi Djay Pro AI Staff

First of all, thank you for the great job done on the upgrade to version 5.

I would like to suggest improvements, which I think are fundamental, regarding the song suggestion tool.

The suggestion function is amazing, but it is not flexible enough.

When you have many songs and they are of different genres it is very difficult to choose songs from the list of suggested songs. It is impossible to remember all the genres of the songs and it is very common to find songs with the same name but different genres.

It is necessary to have more options to filter the results in the list of matching songs, for example, choose lists or folders that you want to include or exclude in the list of results, only list songs with the same genre, same year (or range), same bpm (or range) …

This improvement is fundamental, I think, and I also think that this improvement is a differential factor with other software.

I would ask you to seriously consider this.

Comrades, let’s vote for this improvement, it will make our life infinitely easier.

thanks in advance

I am sure match could be adopted by AI also? and linked into to your streaming service accounts?

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Thanks for the suggestion @tatu! I’ve shared this with the dev team for consideration.


I use iTunes and the iTunes Match service to sync my local iTunes library to my IOS devices. Can the DJAY Match feature be expanded to work on local files on the device as well. I see it’s available for streaming services, which I don’t subscribe to. I’m assume it’s using BPM/Key detection to make suggestions. Since you scan the entire library in the DJAY app, does the app not already have the data to make suggestions, the same way Traktor on IOS and Virtual DJ on Windows have been doing for years?

As libraries expand, getting a bit of AI help wouldn’t hurt :slight_smile:


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Thanks for the suggestion @djaluca! I’ve shared this with the dev team for consideration.

Hello - similar request, please can you develop for IOS the ability to manually add songs that match? This is already part of the Mac version of DJAY. This would be invaluable for me to be able to build out compatible songs for mixing e.g. songs that mix very well together, songs that I can double drop, songs that increase or decrease the energy. To be clear, this is not AI based song match suggestions, but match’s that I select

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Track Match (aka TM) is a useful feature but seems too broad and returns unwanted results since it pulls from a few sources with little focus (My Library, Music, and streaming sources like Tidal). TM would be much more relevant by filtering its results to targeted sources like playlists, playlist folders (via Apple Music), and genres (perhaps others).

Example is I’m playing a set from a large playlist of downtempo tracks and I choose a song from this list for matching and now want to ONLY see other downtempo track matches in similar BPM and key. If I could select a playlist to focus on then my matches are going to help me find the right music to match my current set.

Better yet, this concept can be expanded to a multi select interface where TM source selection opens a modal window of multiple sources including playlists/playlist folders/genres available and I can shift-select or command-select multiple sources to pull results from (so I’m not forced to get only results from one). A genre source example here might be I’m playing a downtempo set and I want matches from genres that include Lo-fi, Lounge, and Ambient genres.

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Hello everyone. There have been several similar requests for improvements to the Match Feature so I’ve merged them all into this new one from @djjoejoe. You might need to cast your votes again. Thanks.

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Yes, advanced track matching would be useful. At the very least, add the option to match only with the playlist. With over 5000 songs in my library, I do not want songs being suggested from other playlists, just the one i’m in currently. The rekordbox and serato implementations are both perfect. Would love this in Djay

In addition to this, it seems like the selection of songs is too much alike when it comes to artists. I prefer to mix up the selection from mix to mix and seeing half of the songs matched be from the same artist, it really removes some of the usefulness. Mixing up the artists would be great. I tend to look at complimentary genres, key, and energy levels when looking for new tracks to mix.

I wanted to add a screenshot to show how limited the match feature is. IMHO, 8 songs matched with the playing track is 3 artists. We should have the option to have a limited search scope where it may dig into the same artist discography or a couple other similar artists, but don’t limit us to such a small scope.
Screenshot 2024-02-15 at 10.04.11 AM

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Would love to see a related tracks with customizatable toggles / filters. For example, would like to select things like
Compatible Key AND BPM with 10%
Compatible Key AND BPM AND added within 6 months

Finally, would like the option of only searching within the current playlist only, not the entire collection like it is now. This is important for DJs that do various types of events, for example, open format one night, and deep house another night and then afrobeats the third night! I don’t want to see harmonically compatible tracks from a completely different genre, even if the keys and bpm match! Hence, searching within certain playlists is important!

this type of functionality is available in the other other largest DJ softrware platforms and would love it to be part of Djay. Thanks!

Hi @djchase, I merged your new topic with this existing one as they are closely related. Please cast your vote for this feature in this topic. Please also use the search tool before creating new topics. Thanks!