Match tracks of a specific iTunes playlist


is it possible, that only tracks of a specific iTunes playlist will be shown inside “Match”?

The tracks should match the currently playing track.

Can’t figur it out.

Greetz Chris

Hi @Chq, this is not currently possible. However, I have changed this topic from a question to a suggestion and forwarded this to the dev team for consideration. Thanks!

Oh, ok.

This would be so great, because i’m an absolute beginner and want to surprise everyone with an absolute crazy Halloween party. Because i have a big musiclibrary within a lot of different styles of music, but only want to play a specific part of them, i want to restrict the amount of matches tracks to my specific Halloween playlist. I don’t want to see inside the “Match” window my electro an techno tracks, because i only want to play eighties an rock tracks.

Luckily there is still some time until Halloween. :smile:

What I would also like would be for the automix to decide independently when it makes a transition to a completely different speed region in a playlist with songs at very different speeds and then design this transition in such a way that it does not try to change pitch during the transition that are too far apart in speed to mix with each other. In addition, Automix should generally prevent playing songs that are too long in a row. Automix should also completely avoid playing songs by the same artist one after the other.

I would like it if I could set the system to automix so that I only DJ when I feel like it.

Thank you.

Greetz Chris

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