Match with TIDAL but your own playlists only

When you play a track you get suggestions to play next with the match functionality, I am using Tidal, but this is using the entire TIDAL database of tracks.

What about if you can filter the match to only tracks in your playlists?

Hi @Luis_Valencia,

Thanks for sharing this idea with us.

We are taking in this feedback for future MatchAI version and we’ll let you know when there are news about this.

It would be great if other users can share their thoughts in the comments regarding this idea.

Or only in the current playlist as an additional option.
I use big playlists as collection of tracks to choose from manually.
Actually, I base big playlist based on genre selection according to my own criteria, so it would only make sense to match within the current playlist.
Never used automatch because you go “all over the place” with that.


that would be helpful as well

The more drop down options, the better based on situations.

Tidal matching is a great discovery method as well.

What I did is to create local playlists, matching the tidal playlist name, then I drag the tracks from there, now I can use the match feature WITHIN the playlist,! this is great feature, but it means I would have to sync the lists when I add new tracks in tidal

I absolutely agree with this functionality if it be integrated.

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