Matching Crucial New Features That Apple Version Has

I know I have seen several locked posts requesting features for the Windows version that are now in the Apple version:

Post fader effects would be really great and I’ve seen it requested in a lot of threads.

Additionally, the package of sweep/noise effects that the Apple version has are desperately needed. Those effects would enable me to use this program in bars/clubs. Please let us know when we can expect these features to get brought into the Windows version!

Since it’s not yet on subscription I expect this version to be frozen.

They might be working on a new Windows version, but I’m not sure if the Win market share justifies the investment.

Sadly, I get that feeling as well. Windows version is already 1-2 years behind the Apple version. I understand that their apple user base is larger but totally giving up on PCs seems silly unless they announce some kind of Apple exclusive partnership.

Well, it’s not really about a partnership IMHO. Even staying up to date with all the fundamental platform changes on Windows (or Android for that matter) might not be worth the effort for smaller players (if this is indeed the case here - I’m not aware of the actual market share).

Also keep in mind the Apple version is subscription based. People pay (monthly / yearly / repeatedly) for new features.

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That is totally fair.

It is unfortunate because I would gladly pay annually to have the features of the Apple version.

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Agree! There is a real lack of a PC version with full-fledged modern functionality like the apple version

Do we already have post fader on Win app or are we still in the same situation?