MC7000 jog wheels

Denon MC7000 Jog Wheels won’t allow scratching while track is playing… sort of. Just picked up the MC7000. When I went to scratch on a live track, the jog wheels just adjust the tempo, as if it were in Vinyl mode. I make sure the vinyl key isn’t lit. (on that note, the Slip key does nothing as well).
It isn’t until I spastically move the jog wheels that it eventually allows me to scratch (and slip). I have to do this every time for it to work. Load track, play it, move the jog wheel as if it owes me money… then, it may work. On the other controllers I have, it just works. Anyone have any suggestions or have seen this issue?

Press the Vinyl button. If you already did, try using two fingers every time. I also find that it seems more responsive when the controller is not cold.

I find the jogs responding different between Serato and Djay Pro and again different on the iPad version of Djay. Jogs works better when I use the iPad actually. But I totally get your frustration. I also do not really trust the jogs in Djay Pro on Mac.

Thank you. Tried that too. Even 4 fingers! Still have to move them like crazy

Oh, they work great on my DDJ-SX3. I just missed the Automix feature, that’s why I changed controllers