Mcx8000 settings not saving

Hi everyone. I took a long time to program and map my mcx8000 and was very happy with the results. I was asked to play an event yesterday. Plugged everything in and my fx were just not maped correctly.

Is there something incorrect I am doing?
Also the pitch fader on both decks are not very responsive.

I have to literally move them to the maximum and then back to the centre to get the track back to original BPM.

iPad Air latest

And most latest version of djay

Did you save the Map when you created it?
If so, it should still be there…
In Settings/Midi Devices
Select the default Mcx8000 Midi Device connected and then it should also have the map that you created under it.

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Thanks for this. Any ideas on the faders?

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Unfortunately I dont have experience with the Mcx8000 but when I heavily mapped my Rane One, moving any of the knobs or faders set a map setting…

Is that the same for the Mcx8000?

Yes it’s the same
I was asking about the sluggishness of the pitch faders

Oh ok, that is something that the Algoriddim Dev team will have to look into

Hi @Djdash,

We’d definitely like to hear more about this pitch fader issue.

Is it still occurring on the latest version of djay for iOS, v4.0.9?

Hi there, to be honest with you, I haven’t tested it out. I will test it out and give you feedback as soon as possible.

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