MCX8000 shows in midi but no functionality


Hoping someone can assist.

I have an MCX8000 and a pro subscription to Djay Pro iOS. I am wanting to use Djay on an ipad Air. I have the ipad connected to the controller via Apple Lightning to USB Camera dongle.

When I open the app and then turn on the controller I do not see anything to ask me if I want to map the MCX8000 - almost as if it hasn’t been recognized. However, I know Djay Pro has recognized something because when I go into settings/MIDI Devices I can see 3 listed:

  • Denon DJ MCX8000
  • mxc8000 Display Left
  • MCX8000 Display Right

What do I have to do from there? If I go into the fist option I see:

Midi Configuration = Denon DJ MCX8000

Then underneath that a list of 200 or so Control Mappings.

Do I have to manually click each and then switch “Midi-Out” on?

Or should it be done automatically?

Or is there something I should be doing but haven’t?

Any help would be gratefully received.


Hi there

Usually when you plug in a controller you can start using it without doing anything if it is supported.

In your case the controller shows up as three midi devices. main, display left and display right.
Did you read that Djay does not currently support the Denon DJ MCX8000 Displays, so you won’t get any info out of them!!!

You would go into settings, midi. see your controller name Denon DJ MCX8000. Click on that name and then simply exit out from the midi menu and all the non display features should be working.

You would usually only stay in the midi menu after selecting your controller, if you wanted to change any of the midi controls to work in a different way, by moving each individual control and assigning it a new function.
You said the mapping was showing about 200 or so controls. If you move a control does the software respond and show the midi command for that control. If so, then everything is working correctly.

Hope that helps (if not someone else should be able to).

Ps. You asked about turning midi out on. That should already be defaulted to the correct setting for each control, but is used to turn on the led’s in the lit controls, not info on the displays which requires additional programming code in djay that only Algoriddim can add.

PPs. Although the displays will not show any info on the screens, you should still be able to make use of the physical controls associated with each screen and map them. You would do that by going into display left or display right in midi settings and pressing the controls you want to change.

Hi…in my case when I start Serato and turn the MCX8000 on, I get the typical orange-yellow message flag saying “MCX8000 equipment interfacing, this might pause for a minute”. However lamentably following several seconds this message disappears and afterward quickly returns again with a similar flag and message. Rehash, rehash, rehash. Maybe Serato is constantly attempting to interface with the MCX8000, can’t do as such, and afterward restarts from the start once more.

I have additionally investigated what MIDI studio is appearing in the Mac Program “Sound MIDI Setup”. The MCX8000 equipment doesn’t show up as any of the perceived gadgets. I think this is the base of the issue – in the event that the Mac would perceive the MCX8000 as a MIDI gadget, most likely everything would work.


AvocaBeats solved the problem.
It was to do with the Input selector. Unless you have it set to “PC” it will not send midi info to the IPad/Djay.

So if you plug a usb flash drive directly into the controller or select an external sound source and change the Input selector to use them, Djay can’t control or interact with them as the Midi is cut.

AvocBeats wanted to use his USB flash drive which contains all his tracks which are too big to fit in the IPad memory, with Djay. Although this is not possible by plugging it into the Denon directly I told him it works great by using an IPad USB adapter (eg. hyperdrive) and plugging in the Flash drive and Denon into that.

Here is a section from the Denon MCX8000 manual for others.

Input Selector: Set this switch to the desired audio source from this channel: PC (a track playing on that layer in Serato DJ), Line (a device connected to the Line Input on the rear panel), or Engine ( ) (a track on a connected USB flash drive; Decks 1 and 2 only). Please note that the Line/Phono selector switches on the rear panel must also be set properly. Also, a channel’s controls will only send MIDI information when its Input Selector is set to PC.