Media Mapping Pioneer DDJ-SR


I have a big issue. Just bought the Pioneer DDJ-SR and finds out that Algoriddim isn’t supporting native mapping?

Can someone please help me?

I have a gig on Saturday.


You’re right, the Pioneer DDJ-SR is neither natively supported by djay, nor is there an official mapping file, yet.However, you can map any midi controller yourself, using our MIDI-Learn feature. How to do this? You can’t find a full description here (don’t worry, it’s a really straightforward process):…

We paid attention to your post!

We’re happy to announce that djay Pro now natively supports the Pioneer DDJ-SR!

Get yourself the latest update of djay Pro at the Mac App Store and check it out!

I just bought the software and I have a gig on thursday, so basically I connect the usb port to my mac, and it will recognize? do you have a video of how to load tracks from djay into the controller?