MegaSeg for Mac supports Apple Music

When will DJ Pro for Mac support Apple Music?

i truely didn’t understand this from the beginning, as natively supporting spotify but not apple music, mixing - or better to say: part of my mixing - taking place on my iPad Mini (120 GB internal space) via the Beatpad 2 from Reloop - felt rather awkward this way round… nontheless love a lot things about the djay pro software!

to sum it up, i would love to see a seamless switch between all sources like mainly my local tracks, spotify (especially my sorted playlists there) as well as the same for apple music to have an overall great variety to choose from that even holds up if you’re completly out of any wifi or mobile data & switches back on to the greater pool if stable wifi etc. is provided, kinda… ideally all in seamless integration, meaning you could have a recording mix running all this time! kind regards, sp