Mejor ajuste de bpm grids al analizar las pistas

Buenas tardes tengo problemas al analizar varias pistas con bpm variable quiero mezclar manualmente pero las grillas no cuadran al
Igualar el bpm o usar el sync vengo de Serato Dj y creo qué hay que mejorar el análisis de bpm de pistas variables el bpm hay mucha diferencia entre estos programas me gustaría ver que era mejora al mezclar manual y sin el sync


Good afternoon I have problems analyzing several tracks with variable bpm I want to mix manually but the grids do not match the
Equalizing the bpm or using the sync I come from Serato Dj and I think there is a need to improve the bpm analysis of variable tracks the bpm there is a lot of difference between these programs I would like to see that it was improved when mixing manually and without the sync

Tracks with drifting tempo (ie live music, or older music that doesn’t have a locked tempo) will need to be warped using software like Ableton Live to make the tempo steady, as djay does not have flexible beatgrids.

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