Memory Leak Using 4-Decks w/ DJ PRO 2

With DJAY Pro 2 - if you run 4-decks and use them, memory will spiral out of control and crash your Mac. I’ve tested this thoroughly several times and can confirm that it is added the two extra decks.The memory leak happens after about 10-15 minutes and happens consistently. This is an i7 iMac with 16GB Mem and OSX HighSierra

Hi there,

thank you for your feedback.

Can you send us an exemplary video of the issue via that would help us a lot in order to solve the issue.

Hi guys,

I am very sorry to hear that.
Can you give us further information about your djay usage?
Are you working with Key Lock, Automix, Sync, a midi controller…?

Any information would be helpful.

Thank you guys in advance.

I am also having problems. Purchased djay pro 2 before disco then an error come up system has run out of application memory, on a 16gb MacBook Pro Retina 15inch running High Sierra. Not impressed as was working. Need a fix i can’t have that happen in the middle of a disco again! i had to reset the computer so no sound until that was done, carried on with first version.