Merging Tracks - HUGE PROBLEMS


So as a mobile DJ sometimes I’m playing at an adult party or sometimes a school disco so therefore need to have clean versions of my tracks available. Which I have, now I’ve imported the playlist which have the same track meta data but different lyrics and censors the bad words. But the software has merged them and as you can imagine is now causing problems.
Please hELP ASAP

iPad Mini 5, iOS 16.4.1 (a)

I made a playlist of Tidal songs and put the same songs in the mp3 file in the folder in case of an unexpected situation.

However, as soon as I put in the mp3 file and analyze it, the Tidal songs on the playlist changed to the mp3 file.

And even if you delete the mp3 file and add Tidal song to the playlist again, the mp3 file is added.

How can I solve this problem?