Merging Tracks - HUGE PROBLEMS


So as a mobile DJ sometimes I’m playing at an adult party or sometimes a school disco so therefore need to have clean versions of my tracks available. Which I have, now I’ve imported the playlist which have the same track meta data but different lyrics and censors the bad words. But the software has merged them and as you can imagine is now causing problems.
Please hELP ASAP

Hi, I’ve been having this issue too and it’s been happening with some of my tracks as well. If the title of the track is same as another source (downloaded, iTunes, streaming service), it will merge as one song in the djay database, making it difficult to stick with one version since those two versions will display hot cues and grids in a different spot.

One small workaround for streaming service tracks (not local files) is that you can remove those tracks from the database, individually, then signing out of one of the streaming services through settings, then reimporting from the streaming service you want it from. I find that TIDAL’s quality is a bit better so that’s why I do that for when I see SoundCloud labeled tracks when they’re really supposed to be TIDAL.

why not re-name it like Clean version?