Messing With iDJ Pro and had an incident

iOs 7.0.6
Djay 2.2.2
iPad 4 (128 GB)

I was having a problem last night where there would be crackling in my speakers when using the iDJ Pro. Restarting the unit would get rid of the crackling, but if you restarted it again it may come back. I have not played around with it long enough to see if it would start crackling after awhile when it wasn’t after a reset.

Today, I was messing with the unit, turning it on and off after mixing a bit to try to see if it was still doing it. Anyway, after one time of turning it back on, no sound was coming out of the iDJ Pro to the speakers, after messing around with it, i realized the VU meters in the app were not moving at all, the problem was not with the unit but the software, almost like i had pushed a mute button.

I took the iPad out of the iDJ Pro and it still would not produce sound, but one I restarted the app everything worked fine.

Not sure what happened, but thought you should be made aware of it and the crackling that sometimes happens, (could be my unit, but weird that a restart gets rid of the crackling.)

One more thing, the crackling also happened when I tested it with an iPad Air.

I have a second iDJ Pro Unit I will test during lunch to see if the crackling is my unit, just wondering about the phantom mute.

Hi Jerod,

Thanks for reporting. If you can figure out a pattern as to when the crackling occurs, please let us know.

In the meantime, I’ll also try if I can reproduce the issue.

I had this when I first got mine. I closed all apps in the background and turned on airplane mode and it’s been fine since