Meta info (bpm, key, waveform image) for a track occasionally doesn't load properly.

The meta information for a track occasionally doesn’t load to the deck visuals. Specifically in my experience any combination of BPM, Key, or the overview waveform image (underneath the transport overview visualization area where the play marker and cue points are displayed, not the main waveform view representing whats spinning on the deck). Sometimes just one of those items doesn’t load (like the waveform overview loads, the key, but BPMs say 0.0) and sometimes two of them don’t load. Sometimes all three don’t load.

This is always fixed by simply loading the same track to the deck once more and then it usually loads up completely fine the second time. There has been no rhyme or reason really that I’ve noticed. This has happened to me with both itunes and spotify tracks.

Not sure if this is on your radar. Small inconvenience, just wanted to register it.