Mic buzz

I use djay and nicecast to stream into Internet and second life. lately i have had reports of a cycle hum after using djay voice tool over the stream. I use a pair of USB headphones to pre-cue songs and voice/mic. the djay settings are as follows:
*input: USB mic
*pre cue: USB headset
*output: built in output.

my computer sound settings are:
input: USB headphone mic
output: USB headphone mic

Nicecast settings are:
Source: application -> djay
*although the VoiceOver effect is available via Nicecast, I have not been able to get it to work reliably.

I open the mic window and use the mic slider when I want to voice. lately people have told me that after I voice it occasionally produces a low cycle hum. clicking the mic on and off seems to fix the problem.

I have been to the apple store numerous times and they insist there is nothing wrong with my MacBook Pro or mic. whilst the pair of USB headphones I purchase were inexpensive, I do not have issues when not streaming music.


As an experiment, please try the following:

  • plug in another headphones into your Mac’s headphone jack.
  • leave all other setup as described above

Can you still hear the “buzz”?