Mic In Issue - Yeti Nano USB

Hi Guys,
I have a DDJ200 using DJ AI. No problems there, however when i try to add a mic for a Zoom gig my Yeti Nano usb mic which I use for general zoom meetings didnt work well once selected in Djay Pro AI.
Once selected it slowed down the tunes by 10-20bpm and horrendous hiss.
Tried all sorts of different selection order but wondering why? has anyone else had issues? Is the mic at fault or the Mac Air I am running it on?

Obviously i have to run a USB hub into teh Mac Air with 2-3 controllers in there plus the mic - could be that.
Any help would be appreciated.

We are sorry to hear the issue you are pointing out. Is the problem persisting if you select another Mic input e.g. your Macs internal microphone? Is it possible to select the Yeti Mic in djay as digital Mic in besides the controllers? Also, are you using an aggregate device in order to route djay to Zoom?

HI there,
I selected the Yeti Mic as a digital microphone in within Djay Pro but still nothing working correctly - tried another cheaper microphone and had no problem but a bit of background Hum!

Which other microphone did you use and was it a digital microphone too?

Could algoriddim make a mic channel available through the software as an external input?

It would be cool for live streamers to have mic fx and stuff synced to the master deck.

At the moment we chain the Mic through the master. Also an echo and pitch is possible that way. Having a separate channel for the Mic is something we are looking in.

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From reading your reply I take it that I can actually use a mic though the software and have echo and pitch just not through a deck but routed to the master out. Is that correct? Is the echo synced to master bpm?

My set up is

Akai amx
Rhodes wireless go mic
iPad Air a14

The main outs to my soundboks and from the aux out of my soundboks to my camera gear. It’s been a good working stealth setup so far :joy:. Quick set up and tear down if you know what I mean. :wink:

I’m also curious about Bluetooth capabilities.

Please note that this thread is about a mic in issue on Mac. Note that currently we are not supporting external mic in on iOS. You can use a supported soundcard / mixer which allows mic output but we are not supporting the feed back to djay at the moment.

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