Microphone Not Working with Pioneer SX2

I am using a Pioneer DDJ-SX2. When I connect a microphone (I tried both XLR and TRS connection), I get either no noise at all or a feedback loop. I have tried this numerous times, always getting the same results. I do not think that this is a hardware issue, because the same setup works fine when I try it in Serato DJ.

Thank you!

Hi Vincent, 

thank you for your post. Can you send us your Device Settings (Preferences > Devices )?
Make sure the SX2 is selected as Main Output.

Lukas E.

After connecting a mic to a controller and choosing the controller as mic input the djay Pro mic settings should be turned of as they are working for the internal microphone of your Mac.

So how are connecting your speakers to the controller because the Mic gets straight through the Master out.

Lukas E.

Here is my Device Settings page:

I have done some more tinkering around, and I found that if I do not turn on the mic option in the upper left (attached below), then the microphone works correctly. When I turn it on, however, then the feedback loop problem occurs. Any explanation on why this happens, and what that option is for? Thank you!