Microtuning in DJay?

Does DJAY support microtuning? Now that it supports flexible beat grids it’s greatly improved as a DJ system for live drumming music such as disco and funk, but many of those tracks have masters that are between true keys. It would be handy to have a microtuning correction knob (in cents) so that masters that are between keys due to weird tape speeds are corrected. Is this possible?

Part of me wants to say that you need to get onboard with Ableton Live to accomplish this. Another part says that the devs can probably pull this off as part of Neural Mixing.

What say you, devs??

Have you already tried using the Anchor point feature?

I’m not sure how anchor point would help. I am trying to adjust the pitch of a track less than a single semitone (usually 10-20 cents) so that tracks that are ‘between keys’ can still be mixed in key without sounding a quarter tone off or a little less8️⃣


Micro tuning? That’s asking a lot for them to do. I’m sure you’re aware of the changing or adjusting the key a full +- a note. I haven’t seen anything smaller then that adjustment.

Is it really asking a lot? Both Traktor and Serato can adjust pitch in increments smaller than a semitone. In traktor’s case there’s a knob that adjusts in cents, allowing you to tune between semitone intervals , and key shift buttons (like DJay’s) that make the knob position jump to the next semitone interval. Many tracks are mastered between true keys. As long as DJay doesn’t have micro tuning you can’t use it to truly mix in key with all music, which is a pretty big drawback.

Hi @klozowski, djay Pro does not support microtuning of musical keys.

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