Midi Clock

I’m sure I’m not the only one who would love to see a Midi Clock out of Djay Pro. It would be extremely helpful for DJs running synths, sequencers, FX units, and video mixers that support Midi Clock in.

Are there any plans to add this feature into the software?

+1 for midi clock sync for Ableton Live / Roland TR-8!

Here is another vote for Midi tempo sync.

Ideally it can act both as tempo master or slave

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I know there is (currently?? - please implement this!) no Midi Clock on Djay Pro for Mac, so it’s not an easy setup, but does anyone know of any Midi Clock generator apps that will do the job for Djay Pro, using the sound output?

Now the iPad version uses 4 decks, I am considering completely moving to Djay Pro, but need to use Live as Remix Decks (moving from Traktor) - so need Midi Clock to keep the timing.

I am looking for functionality within Djay Pro for Mac which does the same as Traktor i.e. Midi Clock sending with start/stop and sync - preferably better implemented than Traktor - as you have to setup a Midi Clock controller device to send through the Virtual Ports. If this is possible to implement into iPad, then even better!

I use a Live setup as a form of remix decks with an Akai APC mini to trigger the samples/loops. I want this to be able to keep time with the Midi clock in Djay. The midi clock can set a master tempo to which the decks can sync to, but the decks can also set the midi clock tempo.

I am happy to test any beta version if required… Please try to implement before Miami WMC!!

I also plan on setting up my audio to run through another ableton track to which I can assign fx, the midi clock tempo would be useful for this purpose too…

We’re all looking for a simple Midi In/Out sync possibilty.
Ableton Link could be one way to go.
It’s already integrated in Traktor and I guess other softwares.
Hope Ableton has released it under a open licence.

can anyone confirm that ableton link on ios works?

Please, Please add midi out… most important missing feature by far!

So if I am understanding, this would not work to send midi from Djay Pro to MyDMX 3 or Remixvideo, only in and out of Ableton itself?

+1. It Would be amazing. I guess you could have an intermediate app or max device that detects bpm of audio and converts it to clock+sync, but that taxes CPU. Djay has already done the heavy lifting of figuring out the bpm from the tracks. Djay already has virtual midi inputs and outputs (for sending data too and from controllers), it shouldn’t be too hard to convert the BPM info to midi clock, start, and stop and to add a virtual port for other software to access. use the active deck to determine tempo to be transmitted.

I would settle for a workaround. Would it be possible to send a click track from an output on our interfaces?
Just a metronome that is synced to whichever deck is active?
That would be accurate enough for lights. Perhaps a way to auto-sync deck 3 running a 4 on the floor so we could send that to our lighting controllers?

I haven’t seen many modern controllers that have a MIDI out.

so, then:

  1. You need CDJs or XDJs or something. And those are either expensive or they don’t have all the functions that I want.
  2. ease of setup and weight become an issue
  3. No Automix in external mixer mode! (I do weddings my sets can go for like 6 hours… I have to pee, go check the sound, confer with the caterer, etc…)

And the worst part is it’s not actually quantized! It is synced to your player’s best guess. This tiny piece of information (bpm/beat grid) has already been calculated by the software and/or manually figured out by the DJ. I want the lights to keep playing on the beat during breakdowns when there’s no kick drum. I also want to sync my lights to ambient music too!

As it is I use the beat analysis in my lighting software, it works fine when there are steady drum patterns, but it takes an aux on my external mixer and it means I have to bring a second computer.

Maybe algoriddim is quiet on this issue because they are developing some lighting software or something, but I am very frustrated by the lack of response on this issue.

Also add me to the list wanting Midi clock out!

I haven’t tested it. I do think the workarounds are good ideas as long as they don’t discourage algoriddm from actually implementing it natively in their software.

I just saw djay Pro 2 in the App Store, and I think you are correct… I checked down the specs about 10 times and see nothing about Midi time clock. Tons of new features that I really don’t need… (so we can sync photos to the beat, but not midi devices huh?? Verrrry interesting

Well I guess one plus to capitalism is we can vote with our money. I had high hopes for djay Pro and I loved that it works with Spotify. But that feature alone isn’t worth sticking with djay pro for me, and Algoriddm just signaled with the release of “2” that djay pro “1” support is going to go the way of the dinosaur, I’m guessing. I already have Maschine from NI and though that company isn’t perfect either, I demoed Traktor and it supports midi time clock out and it works pretty well. I’ll probably move to that platform after all, which is a little sad for me because I’d hoped that these guys at Algoriddm would see the value of implementing this important feature. It doesn’t seem to be that they don’t have the rights to the beat-mapping tech since they can sync decks and can even sync photos in the new app. Perhaps there is a patent on the midi sync held by NI and or others, and Algoriddm wants to implement it, but can’t legally? Either way though, I have tried to be very patient. Even if I purchase Traktor I’ll still hope for this feature to come to djay pro.

The lack of ableton link or midi clock output is the only thing keeping me from using djay. It’s amazing software but these are glaring omissions. Please add!

Using external tools like Waveclock are not nearly accurate enough, especially for lighting control.

Unbelievable. customers have been asking for this for years, and these posts have had a large presence on the forums. I really don’t understand why this isn’t implemented yet

Glad to hear that this is still a possible feature.