MIDI Commands for TOOLS view

I’d like to suggest adding MIDI commands to be able to open/close the screen elements of the TOOLS view. This would make the djay Pro interface adaptive/responsive and tightly connect the experience of the hardware with the software.

For example, if I press the Hot Cue button, the Hot Cues should show in the Tools view.

Here’s a Before and After example:
Normal Deck View (BEFORE)

(AFTER) Pressing Hot Cue button

The MIDI commands might look something like this:

  • Deck 1 | Toggle Tools
    – (current command is under General and toggles ALL Decks)
  • Deck 1 | Tools - Open Cue Points
  • Deck 1 | Tools - Open Saved Loops
  • Deck 1 | Tools - Open Pitch Cues
  • Deck 1 | Tools - Open Slices
  • Deck 1 | Tools - Open Manual FX
  • Deck 1 | Tools - Open Instant FX
  • Deck 1 | Tools - Open Pad FX


  • I’m specifically asking for the TOOLS view, because it works in both macOS and iOS. More importantly TOOLS is the main iOS interface.
  • I think this would address the complaint of Jamie at Crossfader when he reviewed the Reloop Buddy. He mentioned that the experience between hardware/software was disconnected because the software did not respond to the hardware selections.
  • Rekordbox does this very nicely!
  • It’s also in-line with the idea that djay Pro is user-friendly for the average user.

Other VIEW OPTIONS under TOOLS view:

CUE options

LOOP options

FX options

Hi @Michael_Wisniewski,

Thanks so much for this in-depth feedback.

We appreciate your thoroughness as it helps our teams better understand what is being asked of our community and how to implement new features+improvements accordingly.

If there are any other suggestions you may have please share them as we’d love to hear back from you and see what the rest of our user base has to say about feature requests such as these.

Have a nice day!

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