Midi control for sample sequencer

Thanks to my previous question I’ve discovered the sample sequencer which is great. However, I can’t seem to find any way of starting and stopping it via midi (or clearing it). I’ve checked the spreadsheet and there’s nothing in there.

Is this just missing or is it hidden somewhere I can’t find it? I’m really trying to avoid using the mouse wherever I can these days.

Any help appreciated!

And a follow up - the feature which allows you to apply looping and effects just to one area of the neural mix - are those midi controllable?

If not, it’d be super helpful if they were added to the menu - I have found a hack with applescript to get around it but it only applies if they’re in the menu.

Really love these features and want to use them!

For your first question… are you talking about the record/clear controls a the bottom of the sampler section? Those don’t have MIDI commands currently.

For your second question… Is this on macOS?

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