MIDI devices in Djay Pro

I have a MIDI device which I want to set up to trigger the Looper in Djay Pro AI on my Mac.

I believe this is possible and I might have achieved this before but the MIDI device does not light up to the coloured loops. Would someone be happy to run through this setup for the controller and have the answer if possible to my MIDI device not lighting up to it’s assigned looper buttons? It is fully operational in Ableton Live I just haven’t picked this up yet in Djay.


Hi @nowstanding,

  1. Within the MIDI Editor you need to enable MIDI Out for each button
  2. To get the LED colors to match the on screen colors you may also need to expand the Advanced MIDI Out Configuration.
    a. The Min Value will change the LED color when the button is Off
    b. The Max Value will change the LED color when the button is pressed. You might have to experiment with the values to get the desired LED colors and brightness.
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Hi there, thank you very much for pointing this out. I belive I have figured this.

I have set on every note for the MIDI device I am using to have the value from 0 - 127, this was set automatically. The control was set automatically too when I enabled MIDI out, it shows a different rate for each note.

The lights have appeared correctly which is good news and respond well, however one point I wanted to mention was, whether is it possible to have a different colour for each row of buttons on my MIDI device as at the moment each section is just the colour orange when my looper buttons on the screen are different colours.

Thanks you.

@nowstanding glad to hear that worked.

  1. Yes, as I mentioned above, selecting specific numbers for the Min and Max values will set specific colors for each OFF and ON state of each button.
  2. You will need to experiment with this to achieve the colors you desire as these numbers will be different for every piece of hardware. For example on my Reloop Ready, 112=Red, 116=Orange and 76=Green.
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Thank you, all working now!

You’re welcome @nowstanding, glad to hear that worked.

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