MIDI issues with Djay Pro Mac and Denon MC4000

Hello everybody,

I use Djay Pro for Mac and Denon MC4000. When I use two faders or knobs at the same time, suddenly and total random, the faders/knobs used do a very quick and rare movement. Sometimes even one of the deck stops. It only happens when two buttons are used at the same time.

To test if it is an issue of Denon or the Djay Pro, I tried to use the Denon MC4000 as a MIDI controller in antoher App and it worked well

It seems is an issue with Djay Pro due to use MIDI with two diferent purposes at the same time.

same problem i have contacted support but no response apart from their automated reply it’s very unprofessional for a so called professional software the free serato dj intro software works fine. please sort it out asap the post is over 6 moths old this is unacceptable

It’s not a new issue djay pro 1 has this problem from the beginning of support for denon 4000 I have switched to serato can’t be bothered with this gimmick anymore

I’m sick of this i used to really like this software but it’s just a joke now it’s definitely
doesn’t deserve the PRO title close to 2 years and the same problem obviously
this company is more interested in quantity than quality. iPhone and iPad software is more profitable for them so they spend more time on that non pro stuff I’ve just purchased serato dj pro and have given up on this experimental so called pro i’m out

It’s a known problem I think it’s probably close to two years maybe more djay pro 1 has the same problem. I gave up in the end you might try the free version of Serato and hopefully one year they will fix or even address the issue I was let down too many times in live gigs and lost faith in a once very good bit of software.

I totally agree

Yes it is a little better but still unusable in live situations

there are not many but I believe the 6000 MK2 doesn’t have this problem

Hey menorcafesta,

thank you for your post and we are sorry to hear about that.
It would be very helpful if you can record a video showing the explained behaviour.
Also I wanted to ask you if you are using a customised mapping and if that is the case is the issue appearing with the native mapping as well?

The ETR will probably be when you abandon this software.

It is a know fact that when launching a new software, you will have lot of new issues, i honestly think they haven’t at all prepared the support for such big amount of issue related to the new version.

Sell you software a bit more but provide a better support…

I know, what i want to explain is that for the launch of a new Djay Pro 2 should have been prepared well with more people at the support since you know that it will be the rush.

If for the launch for a new product, they cannot prepare correctly the support, i don’t even tell you what it is for an existing issue.

They nearly never fix issues or about one year later…

Thank you Lukas for your response.

I have enclosed via “email support” a video about that. The issue is in both (native and customized mapping). It happens always when the two decks are playing.


Last days I have been used the Djay Pro software with another “view” and at the moment I don’t have troubles… (let’s see…) The view is with the two decks on the side and the waveform graphics in the middle (the second option icon on the up-right corner of the menu). The faders go well. Sometimes the sync option do some action that is not in the mapping (play a deck, or a blue button FX is on, etc… total random response)


At the moment no updates. Some staff from Algoriddim one month ago and very lately answered me and asked me for a video with this trouble. I cannot record a 2 hour video becuase I don’t know when it’s going to happen.

Another issue is when I do the mix with the two faders, the song that I want to mix change for another!!


At the moment the only solution is change the software to Serato or change the controller if you want to use the Djay Pro Software. (Tested with Pioneer DDJ RR and seems to be OK)

I use a Macbook Pro 15" (the touchbar version). I have also tried with the trial version of Djay Pro 2 and the same problem.

The Denon MC 4000 IS NOT COMPATIBLE WITH DJAY PRO. The website lies. DON’T BUY the software if you want to use this controller, better use it with Serato.


Same problem over here.
Using Macbook Pro + Djay Pro + Denon Mc 4000

Grtz Bart (Holland)

Same problem with my brand new DENON MC4000, Windows 10, core i7, but it’s when i try to take the knobs to select a track in spotify play list. The consol Jam and songs played verry slowly. I need to reboot the MC4000 to correct the problem. after 3 at 6 songs, same thinks append again !! Any Sollution ???

same here, has anyone managed to get an answer from Algoriddim?

Hi, is this issue still occurring since the last release update in August 2018? Thanks, Robert

Thanks. Damn it, which Controllers work flawless with Djay Pro 2 and have similar easy to use live ergonomy like MC4000 and superb sound quality? Thanks again.