Midi learn : some problems and questions with my DJ tech i-mix reload


I’ve just buy Djay for my mac book laptop and it has some very nice feature.

I have a DJ TECH I-Mix Reload midi usb controller and found some lack in midi learn (or i d’ont know how to do some tricks):

  • can we use a button as a selector : for cue point for example 3 buttons for the 3 cue and one button to select edit/use.
  • can we activate LED ? For moment i’ve no LED of my table.
  • some trouble with rotary when go up / down in media: scroll don’t stop.


Thanks for your message.

  1. You can try using the Shift feature for this: map one button to General > Controller Shift key, and then press the shift button on the controller while pressing the cue button to get a second mapping for the cue button. You can then e.g. assign the non-shift mapping to “Cue 1 / In” and the shift mapping to “Clear Cue 1”.

  2. You can enable MIDI Out for LEDs by opening the “Advanced Options” panel on the bottom of the MIDI mapping window, and checking the “MIDI Out” checkbox.

  3. If you mean at the end of the list, this is the current behavior but it’s something we’re thinking about changing in the future.

Hope that helps.

hi i’m having lot of trouble mapping my pioneer xdm-r1, and tips as it does recognise the platter, faders or rotaries. thanks

Sorry to pick up an old topic but I dont think this is quite answered.

#3 there about the scrolling. What I think Cedric is saying is once you scroll the rotary once, it continues to scroll all the way to the list end. Same with scrolling up. How can we map it to where one click of the scroll wheel moves down one track in the library selection?