MIDI Learn: Switch Library Table

  • Device model: Hercules Inpulse Mk2
  • Version of operating system: IPadOS 17.1
  • Version of djay:
  • Hardware/controllers used: just the above

Summary of the issue:
Switch Library Table midi command will only drill down in to a single folder when in hardware or pro mode attempting to navigate my USB drive.

I have my folders organized in to Genre > Sub Genre and have linked the genres. When I select the genre folder, I can scroll through the sub genres but cannot select any subsequent folder within it. It just takes me back to the list that shows my Genres.

How to reproduce the issue:
Link a folder that contains folders and navigate to Files within djay and attempt to open the 2nd folder. This appears to work with other djay modes
, just not hardware or pro where it has the list opening up in an expanded type of view in the bottom half of the screen

Hi @th3StonedApe,

I believe this is a known limitation when using external USB drives. I will double check with the engineering team to be sure. From my personal experience, I recommend that you instead copy your music onto your device instead of using an external USB drive. I think you will have a better overall experience with this configuration.

Thanks for the tip @Slak_Jaw . It would be nice to see this working in the expanded library modes since I can’t easily see the FX and their parameters in other modes. And given that the library selection works as you would expect with those other modes, it seems to be less of a limitation than it is an oversight.