Midi map on launchpad X MK3 not working

A created a midi map to control pad modes on my launchpad X MK3, when I first create the midi all works great but when I close the app and open again, lots of function don’t work

Hi @Djxavo13,

Thanks for reaching out about this. Sorry to hear about the trouble! Unfortunately, we’re only able to support our natively supported controllers, and the Novation Launchpad X and MK3 are not natively supported with djay.

I’ll be happy to point you in the direction of our MIDI mapping resources in our FAQ. Here’s one for iOS:

And for Mac:

If any other users on the Community have these controllers and have run into similar issues, perhaps they can also help out here or let us know if this is a more widespread issue. Thanks in advance for your understanding!

Thanks for the answer but I would like to get support on midi mapping a midi controller and the app supports all class compliant midi devices wich I think is the issue … the app is not supporting midi mapping for class compliant controllers