Midi mapping and BPM related question.

Hi I just purchased Djay to use with my Pioneer Wego, For the most part I am very satisfied and I just have a few questions. To start how can I change the jog dial on the Wego/Djay so that the top platter is pitch bend and not scratch or seek? I tried changing the midi settings but I only found the ability to change from scratch to seek.

The other question I have is related to the auto BPM settings. I noticed that Djay changed the BPM on one of my tracks incorrectly. So my question is how can I change the BPM back to the correct speed?

Hi Nick,

(1) Please go to MIDI -> Options and enable “Jog Pitch Bend Mode”.

(2) Tap the Automix icon and disable “Auto-Sync BPM”

Oh OK, so you meant that the calculated BPM is wrong. I thought you meant that the songs were playing at a different tempo.

Is the BPM half or double the correct value? In this case, tap the displayed BPM number to manually edit the BPM info.

You can also “tap” the beat to correct the BPM info.

Thanks so much for the quick reply.

So I did what you suggested with the midi setting and it didn’t change the jog dial. As far as the disabling BPM Auto-Sync I did that also but the song in my library still indicates the wrong BPM speed.
Hmmm I really wanted to stop using Virtual DJ and just use Djay but for now it is just not quite ready for prime time perhaps some time in the future I can make the switch.