MIDI mapping backup

I would like to make a backup of the MIDI mapping I made for my USB controller.
Could you tell me how to export this template?
Thank you.

Is this only for Djay for mac?

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The mapping files are saved under /Music/djay/MIDI Mappings. Simply copy the folder (or the files) to the desired backup location.

djay Pro saves the mapping files to:
~/Library/Containers/com.algoriddim.djay-pro-mac/Data/Library/Application Support/Algoriddim

If your controller is connected, you can also open the MIDI Configuration window and select “Show in Finder” under “Options”.

Is the files still located at same folder? Cant find that folder

Agree, Same question for djay pro.

Mine was here: Library ▸ Application Support ▸ Algoriddim

Same question for djay pro.

Same here, thanks Jonas.

Do you know where it is saved for windows?

Can anyone answer this question please? I don’t find it too in my Windows machine… Thank you a los