MIDI Mapping Conventions

Are there any resources with information on your MIDI naming conventions/requirements within the *.djayMidiMapping files?! I’m trying to work on successfully mapping a Numark NVII and converting the information from XML to the proper format is proving difficult. Any help available would be much appreciated!

Hi Brad, Thank you for getting in touch. What information do you use for the mapping stored in XML?

I am using the Denon MCX-8000 as a guide by converting the *.djayMidiMapping file to a *.plist file and opening in Xcode. I also have the standard XML mapping file from Denon AND one for the Numark NVII. By comparing the two, I have been able to successfully map many of the commands but am really struggling with the modifiers. I cannot get the pad mode buttons (CUE, AUTO, LOOP, SAMPLER, SLICER) to toggle the pad modes properly. In the Denon, as well as some others like Pioneer XDJ-XZ, I am not noticing any special modifiers for these buttons. Because I’m not finding this, it is also difficult to understand how the modifiers are pointing back to them, i.e. why “modifier 1 == 0” vs “modifier 8 == 3.”

Obviously this is a very tedious process, as there is no quick convert option from standard *.XML to the *.djayMidiMapping methods of mapping and I’m doing it command by command. Any insight you could offer would be beneficial and much appreciated!