MIDI mapping; current Deck Line volume level indicator

I’m trying to map my Traktor Kontrol S2 MK2 with the dJay Pro demo, which so far is going well, before buying the full version. But I have one annoying issue:

  • I can’t seem to get the actual line output volume level to display.

The volume fader for a deck is on CC69, so I set it to Mixer: Deck X: Line volume. This works perfectly. And CC70 is the volume level output indicator. So I set the MIDI out of CC69 to CC70 and enabled Blend (otherwise it shows nothing), but now it just shows the height of the fader, not the actual height of the volume level from the song it’s playing. Quite useless.

Is it even possible to map the current volume level to a MIDI out? I couldn’t find it anywhere. Can’t the current Line volume out be mapped to this by default?

Same… hoping this is now possible?

If you manually edit your controller’s .djayMidiMapping file you can get deck level meters working.


<array> <br>
  <dict> <br>
      <key>controlType</key> <br>
      <string>control</string> <br>
      <key>keyPath</key> <br>
      <string>turntable3.monoMeter</string> <br>
      <key>midiChannel</key> <br>
      <integer>8</integer> <br>
      <key>midiData</key> <br>
      <integer>18</integer> <br>
      <key>midiMessageType</key> <br>
      <integer>3</integer> <br>
      <key>output</key> <br>
      <dict></dict> <br>
  </dict> <br> </array>   

For more see my site: https://irumble.com/djaymidimapping

ow did u get the program to recognize ur midi controller my shows up but i can’t do shit with it except using it as a sound card…

I’m sorry, but the Level Meters of your controller can not be activated by the Midi configurations.

Can someone let me know how to set my Kontrol S2 MK2 up with DJ Pro for Mac??

I’ve enabled midi mode as well as pressing both shift buttons in an attempt to activate it - but still no mapping.

Is this planned for the future? It’s probably the biggest limitation of using my Stanton DJC4. I’ve mapped everything else (pretty much), but this is a big miss!

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Did you have any success with mapping channel volume or crossfader for Stanton DJC4? Config recognises movement though there’s no channel volume or crossfader options to select. Any help?

Is now a solution available, does the lever meters works not the S2 MK2?