Midi mapping DDJ-WEGO4 for Djay Pro for Mac.

I’m looking for the (un)official midi mapping for my Pioneer DDJ Wego 4 at Djay Pro for Mac OSX.

Where can i download this?

PS. I have also made a support ticket by Pioneer, because normally you can download Midi Mappings from their Download section:

is there a way to make midi mapping (no necessarily on ddj wego 4) on djay pro for ipad? (i am using the beatpad 2 and made the mapping on day pro for mac already).

posted this question here:

Hi there,

the WeGo4 is mappable with djay Pro for the Mac, but the native support is not yet implemented. Please be assured that the native mapping is coming with the next update soon.

Lukas E.

Should be nice if LED around the jogs and the Play/Pause, Que button are also working…

Thanks in advance!!!

The picture of the DDJ Wego 3 is actually the picture of the DDJ Wego 4:


Sharing MIDI mappings

You can share and exchange your custom MIDI mappings with other djay users by sending the respective mapping file:
To share a mapping file:
Select “Edit Configurations…” from the “MIDI Configuration” menu at the top of the MIDI configuration window.
Select the configuration you want to share from the list.
Select “Show in Finder” from the “Options” menu.
From there, you can e.g. send the mapping file via email or save it on a USB stick.
To install a mapping file, simply double-click the file in the Finder.

This is my incomplete (unofficial) midi mapping:

The LED around the jogs normally react to the beat of the music. Very nice if it going to work, just like Virtual DJ & Rekordbox does.

I like to use my DDJ Wego 4 at New Years eve fully functional with DJay Pro. I hope that the big update is coming soon…the last update was version 1.3.1. Last updated at 30 april 2016…i can see in the Apple Appstore.

The DDJ Wego 4 is working out of the box with Virtual DJ 8 LE and Rekordbox LE. No midi mapping needed! All LED’s are working also.

With the paid apps for iPhone/iPad/Android (not Pro version, not yet checked) everything is working as it should.
But with the best version of Djay (Pro for Mac), it is not working as it should.

Very nice! It is working now as it should!

Thanks in advance!!!

@Lukas: Don’t forget this :wink:

I’ve just hooked up my DDJ WeGo4 for the first time and trying it with both Djay2 and Djay pro on iPad. Using standard USB to iPad cable. Master volume and headphones level are the only items working on the controller. Am I doing something basic wrong or would iPad to square USB cable be what’s needed?
Thanks for any troubleshooting advice!