Midi Mapping - Does it work for any/all controllers?


I recently purchased the Pro version of the software on Windows. I have a Pioneer XDJ-Aero. Knowing that this is not compatiable out of the box I was prepared to map this controller to the software like the pages suggest.


The mapping tool does not pick up certain button clicks or sliders on my controller. It picks up some buttons on each deck but doesn’t pick up on my volume or cue controls.

Now is it a case that some controllers just don’t work AT ALL or is it possible to map it but I may have some other errors.

Searching the internet for a Midi Mapping file for the Pioneer Aero has been unsuccesful but If any one has this or has any suggestions, please share!

Desperate to use this software!

Does anybody actually monitor and answer these? Really would like some help with this.

No, still no solution found. As of yet.

It’s supposed to work if you use the midi mapping function so I have been told but I done of the mapping and still couldn’t get the sound out. I feel like I wasn’t my money buying Djay pro but if you do let me know the solution.

Hi Niall, Did you already find something about this? I’m also searching for this mapping, because i have the same problems. I have been searching on the internet, but diddn’t find anything. Maybe because the aero wasn’t a succes for pioneer and not al lot of people have bought it.


Hi all, i have XDJ-Aero too. I think about Djay Pro 2, but is it good idea? works it together or not? Thanks.