MIDI Mapping file format

I’m wanting to configure some midi out functionality for my controller, so that leds can be controlled based on various states in the app.

Is there any documentation detailing the schema or options available in the midi mapping file?

I found some old examples of midi mapping files that are in xml format, but on my version of djay pro (Windows 5.0.6405.0), the midimapping file looks like json. Which is the correct file format, or do both work?

Hi @quadruple_drop, we do not have any documentation for MIDI Mapping outside of the built-in MIDI Learn application (see below)

Editing xml or json files will be at your own risk essentially and is not officially supported.

Hi @Slak_Jaw - Thanks for the reply.

Are you able to confirm re xml vs json at least? eg is it json for windows and xml for mac, or can I use either format?

I’m aware this isn’t supported

You’re welcome @quadruple_drop. I’ve only attempted to edit the xml files for Mac so I’m not sure if the format is json or xml for Windows or not.

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