Midi Mapping Neural FX Assignment

The ability to assign FX to only drums, harmony or vocals is really interesting and fun to experiment with!

It would be fantastic to have midi mappable functions to change this assignment live with buttons on a controller! Even hotkeys would be good, at the moment in MacOS we need to do it manually with a mouse.

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It can be done on controllers…
I have Hot Cue buttons 5,6,7 controlling Vocals, Harmony, Drums as well as Shift + High Eq, Mid, Low to be able to control the Vocal , Harmony, Drums more linear…
This is on the Rane One but l also have my Reloop Buddy mapped more or less the same

Thank you for the reply. Can this control the FX as well? I’m after the ability to assign e.g. FX1 on deck 1 to only vocals, then use a controller button to assign FX1 on deck 1 to only drums.

These guys…

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I agree. There should be MIDI function for FX 1-3 assignments.

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Sorry Chris you have me there, not sure that you can do that but to be honest l haven’t tried,…
On the Rane One there are 2 Effects Paddles, one for Deck 1 and the other for Deck 2.
There are 6 FX buttons,
FX 1-3 are for Deck 1,
FX4-6 are for Deck 2…I have Echo on FX 1 & 4 and Dub Echo on FX 2 & 5…
For FX 3 & 5 l can assign any Effect l want to by cycling through all the available Effects using the Parameter button…

This may sound confusing but the pic shows what I mean…

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I’m a fan of dub echo as well. I think I follow and nice setup. It’s ok, I don’t see these functions I’m after as selectable in the list of midi mappable functions, so assume for now they aren’t available to map.

If anyone would like these functions mappable, lets vote! Or mention it in your threads too!

I also agree that it would great to have a MIDI mappable function for the FX Assignment to the full Deck, Drums, Harmony or Vocals.


U have my. One on this midi mapping is needed !!!

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Hi @ChrisPT,

Thank you for getting in touch and welcome to the Algoriddim community!

This is a great suggestion made by you all and I will pass this on to our development team for future consideration!

Please know that we greatly appreciate your feedback and suggestions, and our team must carefully consider and prioritize all feedback we receive.

Thanks again for your patience and your support!


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