Midi mapping Neural Mix


Any suggestions on midimmaping knobs, faders or pads to Neural Mix fucntions?
Which ones to use for better perfomance?
I use a Reloop Beatpad2, but any suggestions are welcomed!


I would use the shift and eq knobs highs are vocs, mids are instruments, lows are drums. So. I have it always accessible for all 4 channels on my mixon 4.
Unfortunately this seems to be so processor hungry, I’m not able to use it without hick ups on my 2017 ipad Pro…


Thank you for getting in touch and welcome to our new community.

We are working on an update in order to make the mapping of the Neural Mix Sliders more intuitive.

Please stay tuned.

Same for me, except that Beatpad 2 does not have the low EQ knob.
Also mapped the Solo and Mute stems neural function to Shift+Touch FX buttons.

Thanks Lukas.
I believe that hardware manufacturers will have to release new controllers updated to meet new software functions and demands. For example, my Beatpad 2 can only control two FXs through hardware, while DJ Pro AI has 3 FXs modules now.
Any news on hardware updates??

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