MIDI Mapping NeuralMix via the XML file

Device model iPad
Version of operating system iPad OS
Hardware/controllers used Pioneer DDJ-FLX4


Currently, to enable the CFX knobs, which activates the filter and one of the effects simultaneously, you have to press the Smart CFX button on the controller.
I want to customise the Smart CFX button to activate NeuralMix and have the CFX knobs control NeuralMix (Instrumental/Acapella). I’ve tried mapping this feature through the software, but it seems to be restricted. I also attempted editing the XML file, but I was guessing the strings/code and MIDI numbers, as they dont seem to match the MIDI message list provided by Pioneer. This has made it difficult to figure out through trial and error, and I haven’t had success with ChatGPT either. If anyone has worked this out for iOS that would be amazing, thanks in advance!

DDJ FLX4 - Message List

Hi @DdoubleJ, depending on the hardware, some controls are indeed restricted from MIDI Mapping via the djay MIDI Learn tool. This is typically done for controls that require more complex mapping operations than are possible within the MIDI Learn tool. In order to alter these mappings you will have to do this within the XML file. However, this method is NOT officially supported and NOT recommended unless you know what you are doing with XML files. Perhaps some of our power users within the Community can guide you in the right direction. Thanks!