Midi mapping - no crossfader target

Using MIDI learn I’ve been trying to configure the Traktor Z1, X1 and tried a Faderfox controller too — the crossfader target is never listed. I can configure all the other buttons and faders, but not the channel faders. Any solution?

I figured out the issue with the Faderfox and Z1. I hadn’t found the target dropdown in the learn function. Feel pretty stupid! 
But doesn’t explain why the X1 doesn’t get recognised, but that’s a different issue. Otherwise, great software, thanks!

Figured out why the Z1 isn’t recognised: the NI Driver is incompatible with Mac OS Catalina.

Hi Patrick,

Thank you for getting in touch.

Can you tell us which exact Faderfox controller you are using?

Is it possible that the faders are only used internally on the controller?


Lukas E.