MIDI Mapping of Performance Pads Mode Selection & RGB Colors

Hi there, new here, i am trying to MIDI Map my controller which is a Serato Controller,
all kinda ok apart from something i can’t find anywhere:

  • How do i map the Mode Selection for the Pads (HotCues, Saved Loops, Slicer, Sampler …)
  • How could i map the actual RGB color of a Pad, when mapping the cue points pads, the pads
    dont show any lights
  • Same question for other buttons like FX buttons, i can map them but they dont light up at all

Hi jdvillage

First off you need to post the name of your controller! There is a huge difference if a controller is not supported & Someone on the forum may have already done the hard work and mapped your device as far as it can go.

If it’s not one of the supported controllers you are not going to be able to make use of the mode functions or other special features.

If it’s not a supported controller then you will only get minimum functionality ie. each button/control will only have one function that you can midi map it to (with the exception of the controller shift,djay shift & 4 deck buttons)
That means that your 4/8 keypads can only be assigned one function (cues etc) and pressing a different mode button will not allow you to assign more functions to those pads as it requires algoriddim to add code to djay for each supported controller (they add modifiers for each mode button). You would only be able to use the mode buttons for other single functions that don’t affect the pads.

If your pads don’t light up when you assign them to hot cues etc, it means that they don’t likely have the same midi number for the pad as for the led that is within it. Usually a button will have the same midi number and work automatically. When it’s different you have to go into the midi out advanced feature and set the “control” to the correct unique number for the pad led and then experiment with the max to find the colour and brightness you want when it’s turned on and min for the couloir and Brightness you want when it’s turned off.

Here is a tip I learnt when testing and finding the pad colour configurations.
If you don’t know the control number then you could potentially have to go through setting it to 127 different values and clicking on test to make it light up before finding the correct value.
The tip is to load a track and then set a cue point to the pad you want to light up. This means that Djay will now be trying to light that pad. Now just move the midi out "control’ slider along until you see the pad light up, that’s your control number. Then move the “max” to find the colour and intensity you want for that pad. Now delete the cue which will turn the pad to the off state, then use “min” to set the colour and intensity when it is off (or set it to 0/off). Ie bright red when on and dim red when off which looks great in the dark (I changed all my other buttons on my NS6ii from 0 on min to 1, so you can still see them in the dark even though their function is off, looks great)

Hope that helps

Hi SteNight and thanks for this long explanation,
i was just experimenting with those Advanced functions/Settings and found the same thing,
the min numbers give me the color 1 Red, 2 Orange, 3 blue … and so on
i also found that i could light up the HotCue button but as you said it doesnt change for the actual pads so they can only be mapped up to 1 thing so kinda useless for me.
I hear that you did that for your NS6II, having the same problems then?
My controller is the Mixars Primo which is not listed in the compatible ones,
really a shame as it is small, it has aux inputs, 4 channels, mic inputs and still USB powered,
it works great for serato but … wanted to change for DJay pro for those NeuralMix capabilities.
My other controller is the Mixon 4 which works fine but big and not USB powered
Oh well you can’t have it all lol

Hi again

Luckily. I don’t have the same problem as you because the NS6ii is supported, so when you select a mode button you get 8 unique pad mappings for each mode (I have other problems because you should be able to press the mode buttons twice thereby giving you 16 mappings per mode :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:, but I will be posting the mapping shortcomings soon :wink:).

The best you can do at the moment is assign one of your mode buttons as a djay shift key, and then when you hold it down you can assign another 8 mappings to your pads. Not great for dj’ing I know, but it does work.

On the other hand, your Mixon is fully supported so the mode buttons allow for a different set of 8 pad mappings per mode :slightly_smiling_face:.

Funny you saying the mixon was too big. My new choice of 4 channel controller for use with djay Ai and IPad came down to the Mixon 4 & Numark NS6ii, & the NS6ii won because of the smaller size, displays, 2 independent mic inputs with eq, balanced outputs and 2 x rca inputs(controller works standalone if needed).
I never would have believed I would have spent so long trying to find a discontinued controller over the newer competition, but nothing comes close at the moment if you want the portability and IPad/IOS only use (the other 4 ch were too big and I carry gear 7 days).

Hehe small world, was actually thinking of the NS6II as what is missing form the Mixon is no Aux inputs and just 1 mic inputs with a tiny lil know on the side, also Mixon is bit big.
Also was looking around for one but yes difficult to find as well they are old, so the displays do work with Djay pro?
Stupid question, would it work just USB powered? 99% no but just in case i thought i’d ask lol (With a Mac that is)

No chance with usb power, but in my experience, the usb powered controllers can’t offer the additional professional features or output that requires more power.
My pioneer wego4 that I used for years was both usb or/and external power. When used on usb only it would occasional hang or the standby led would come on and stop working (suicide). This never happened with the power adapter plugged in.

I read too many posts about people complaining about lack of headset volume or output volume with usb only controllers, I’m guessing because they only have a few milliiamps of power to split between all the features (the manufactures are not doing DJ’s any favours, they are just keeping their costs down to make more profit and/or sell more product.
I wouldn’t now buy a controller that is only usb powered. I also came to the conclusion that I always run a cable from the controller to the speaker (which needs power), so I may as well run a power cable too. I also do 4/5 hours gigs and the IPad would never last that long even without having to power the controller too.

Displays are great. I really wanted these because algoriddim after years and years of asking (IOS), still do not show the bpm when the library is in full size mode (even though you can still see the key and elapsed time). So now I see it all on the controller which is amazing.
You can see how clear they are in the picture. Also shows elapsed time, deck no, pitch range etc etc. (I know the display edges looked like they are scratched, but really the controller is so new it still has the protective film on top of them :wink:)