Midi Mapping Roland DJ808 with Algoriddim DJay Pro 2

Has anybody successfully MIDI mapped their Roland DJ808 with Algoriddim DJay Pro 2? I really want this to work as I love the controller, but really don’t like Serato. Algoriddim is far superior for my needs. The only problem I’m having is with the tempo slider and the jog wheels. Everything else is working fine. Please help, if you can.

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Bump, would love to see DJ-808 mapping.

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Hi can you share your midi map settings with me? I am not only having troubles getting the wheels and sliders right…

I made some midi mapping for the DJ808


To set a hot cue, hit SHIFT+pad
To jump to a hot cue, just hit the pad
I used the BEAT rotary as a dry/wet knob for FX1
Somehow you have to hit the CUE button twice to monitor the decks (as pre-cueing device i set my laptop headphone in Preferences)

It’s a start

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working on it