Midi mapping stems buttons question

When i midi map stems acapella to 1 button and instrumental to another. I want the button to turn off the other button when I press the opposite. Example, I’m using a Ddj 1000srt and have the parameter buttons set to enable and disable the acappella and instrumental. My issue is when I press the left button for acappella the light come on and it’s isolated. But if I then press the right button for instrumental, I want it to turn off the acappella automatically. Instead it turn both light on and disables stems. To turn offf the light I have to press one of the buttons to turn off the light and enabling the opposite.

I’m sorry if this sound confusing.

Maybe something like this? When you Solo one channel it Mutes the other one.
(though technically, the Solo command should do that anyway)
Screenshot 2024-01-26 at 12.17.50 AM

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You are the best @Michael_Wisniewski. I was using the 2 channel solo neural mix. Your method works perfectly.

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