MIDI Mapping to Novation Twitch - can't get channel meters working

So I’ve had a fun weekend configuring my new Twitch to run djay, and it’s going nicely. Your Midi Mapper really makes it very esy and is quite intuitive.

I have mapped most of the major features so I can throw a set together with loops and effects quite easily - however I do have a couple of questions.

1] In routing the audio out - I go to preferences and the twitch comes up as an option. So I choose that, and indeed, audio is routed back through the twitch. However the signal level is not shown in the channel meters on the twitch. Is there anything I can do to fix this?

2] Not so much a question but a request: There are still come features on djay that I have no option to map, such as power on/off for the turntables (I like this as a transition effect), bringing up the key wheel (for key matching), waveform zoom, cycling through the different tool displays etc. Any chance of an update to MIDI mapper to include more of djay’s features for mapping?

If anyone wants a copy of my map - let me know and I’ll post it.


Hi Warren, thanks for the reply.

Brake Transition FX - got it - cool.

Hopefully level meter mapping will come - it’s weird having a controller with no levels showing on it - it’s weird I thought the controller itself would have actually done it automatically when it detected the signal coming in.

And thank you for considering my suggestions. This is such a great app I just want to see it get better and especially work seamlessly with as many controllers as possible.

Hi Idlemind, nice to meet you.
I’ll happily share it with you, just give me a few days - I’'m flat out at work right now so it may take me until the weekend to get it done. I’d be interested to get your feedback. You’ll probably find a few things don’t make sense - it’s still a work in progress.
Hey could you suggest the best way for me to actually put the file out there for you to download? Is there a way I can post it here in the forum?
Also - do your line level meters work on your twitch, or do they stay dark like mine?
I find it really weird that they don’t respond to the signal being passed through the unit.

Hey Idlemind, I’ve finally put my MIDI map for the Twitch up for download.
It’s over at djtechtools.com in their mapping section.

Link to it is:


It’s my first attempt at mapping my Twitch to djay. I’ve covered off pretty much everything I need when I play. But it’s also not complete - haven’t quite worked out the best setup for FX for example.

The Twitches 8 pads and 4 performance modes are great, they give you so much flexibility. I have them mapped like this:

Pad 1 to 4 set the cue points. Pad 5 to 8 have effects mapped to them.

Pad 1 to 4 jump to cue point and lay.Pad 5 to 8 have same effects as above.

Pad 1 to 8 all have varying length auto loops mapped to them.

Pad 1 to 4 have 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, and 1 beat, bounce loops mapped to them.
Pad 5 and 6 decrease and increase skip duration, and 7 and 8 skip backwards and forwards.

I’ve got FX mapped to the Master FX controls - but not really well I don’t think - I’m still working out the optimum setting. Other than that, there are bits and pieces mapped to other buttons that you can read from the configuration screen in djay. I’d love to get ideas on how anyone else has mapped theirs differently, or suggestions which may make mine better.

And if you’re a complete genius, and know how to map the LED’s on the Touchstrip so they move with the music like they do in Itch, I’d be mighty impressed and grateful!


Hi Bunyip,

Level meters currently cannot be mapped via MIDI learn.

“Power off” corresponds to “Brake Transition FX” in MIDI Learn.

By the way, thank you for your suggestions for new MIDI actions.

I would like to download your MIDI map. I’ve been trying to make my own and short of the obvious settings, I was stuck on what to do with the rest. It would be helpful to see other ideas.


Anyone still using Twitch with Djay Pro? I just got a Twitch and love it! I also am very much liking the demo of Djay Pro but seem to be losing a lot of features of Twitch, such as Drop and some other midi signals. How is everyone else doing?

Djay needs mapping support for LED Metering.

where can I download the mapping?

I going to buy 2nd hand Twitch and I will going to use Djay Pro good luck to my settings

is it smooth? you didn’t encounter any problems?