"Midi out" configurations

I cant get any of the ‘midi out’ signals to work correctly for my controller. I tried all these different configurations:

  • play/pause toggle (one color when playing, another when paused)
  • auto loop on/off (only turn on when it is being used)
  • cue points (only light up cue points which are set in the current song)

The “test” button works fine for all buttons, but Djay Pro doesn’t seem to handle this correctly. It only changes colors using the “test” button, and it doesn’t seem to know which cue points are enabled/disabled. It doesn’t even work for the “auto look” button, which should simply turn on/off when it is active/inactive.

Is there anything I might be missing or is this kind of feature not implemented correctly yet?

The device I am trying this on is an AKAI mpk249’s pad buttons.