Midi routing with a sequencer (not a controller)? Y/N?

Is it possible to use djay with a midi sequencer, not just a controller? I’m can’t seem to find more information on midi routing/mapping.

Specifically I’m using Numerology3 on Mac.

You should be able to map buttons, knobs, and sliders on any kind of MIDI device using djay’s MIDI Learn feature on Mac. Simply connect the MIDI device, open the configuration window from the “MIDI” menu, and press/use the control on the device that you want to map.

Note that djay however doesn’t currently support outputting a MIDI Clock signal.

Hope that helps.

Hmm, came here to see if midi clock is on the table; is it? Would be awesome together with audiobus…:wink:

Would love for djay pro 2 (mac) to output mid clock signals, so I can synchronize lightshows with the music. I love djay pro 2 but I can’t use the software without midi clock.

Folks have been requesting this feature for years. When will we get it?

I would LOVE midi clock send for loopy and amplitube. Make it happen Algoriddim!

I hope it will be also availabe on iPad soon.

Would love a MIDI clock output! Could sync all sorts of synths and drum machines in live performance.

A MIDI clock out would be game changing for me and many other DJs I know.

We’ll definitely think about it. Thank you guys so much for the feedback!

Please don’t ignore this Algoriddm! If you can MIDI clock Djay it would be super powerful!!! You could feed it into ableton, traktor, anything! Then all types of people could actually use it and not feel bad for ditching their old software!!

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It would be amazing to have a MIDI clock! I run Djay into ableton and it works fine! I just have to tap tempo, but it’d be great to have a clock!!! You could feed it into traktor too! Also I could use it with my hardware like my Slicer!
PLEASE! You guys would be unstoppable!

I got so disappointed by reading this :frowning:
I wanted to use an arturia sequencer to trigger the samples from djay pro, and without external midi clock this ain’t happening :frowning: - any update on this??? The tempo is right there, we just need it to send midi clock, come on Algoriddim :slight_smile: