MIDI support for Pioneer xdj-r1?

Can you provide midi mapping for pioneer xdj-r1 for djay and djay pro ? I have Spin controller but need the output options for connecting using 1/4" TRS not available on the Spin.

Thinking about buying the XDJ-R1 but will want to used IDJ Pro from IPad and want o be able to use Sportify from there… Would be working? Any update expected? Or will Pioneer be coming with a new updated version of the XDJ-r1?
thanx Paul

if you want I have created the mapping for XDJ r1, you can be found on the site dj tech tools. section mapping

I’ve already switched away from Djay Pro. Too slow Algoriddim, too slow.

Thanks a lot for the feedback, guys. 

if any one have best midi map for xdj r1 on djay pro please send me pouria.hector.ph@gmail.com

Hi Joe, I am interested in your midi mapping.

need this upgrade so i don’t have to switch to Sereto or Rekord, please!

Hey guys,

thank you for sharing your feedback. 
Please be assured that even it feels kind of frustrating, every post here on this forum is getting forwarded internally.
So to say, every upvote and post is pushing the XDJ r-1 integration up the ladder of our controller integration list.

Also thank you for sharing your mappings with other users!

Cheers,Lukas E.

I have a well functioning midi map for the XDJ – R1 that I’d be happy to share. It has MIDI controls as well as LED indicator signals. jahemsing@yahoo.com

Tony, did you email me for the file?

Email me for the midi file. jahemsing@yahoo.com

you’re very welcome!

Hello … I just sent an email out to anyone I’ve given the midi map to with an update. Please check your spam mail to make sure you got it! Enjoy! -Joe

Copy the file to this location: Music / djay / MIDI Mappings

I got it, and I just sent the midi map to you :slight_smile:



Not sure if I sent this or not. Will do it now. Sorry for the delay…

Anyone can share the midi map? Thanks.