Midi to turn ON/OFF the crossfader FX

I use DDJ-FLX4 with IPad. Very happy with.
But would ve Nice to have a shortcut to turn ON / OFF the crossfader FX.
When I want to scratch. I have to use the Ipad screen to turn OFF the Crossfader FX.
And we have a button on the FLX4…
Possible or not by midi mapping ? I do not find this function.

Why don’t you map yourself the “smart fader” button on the flx 4?

@Dysfunk_DJ I would like ! Do you know the function ? I did not find it in the midi mapping ?

I don’t have a controller with me right now you need to go into your midi mspping (settings, midi devices and choose your midi mapping) press the smart fader button on your controller then look for Crossfader effect on/off or something like that in the options. Like I say I don’t have my controller with me so I can’t tell you exactly what it is.

@Dysfunk_DJ I’m uses to midi mapping but I did not find this function. If you find it you’re welcome !

Hi @Didjelo, you need to set the Target to Mixer then the Action to Crossfader FX Toggle.

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@Slak_Jaw Thanks for your answer ! But I don’t have this options :thinking:

@Slak_Jaw Ok I found why. The button type was not correct. It was as rotary :roll_eyes:. Thanks !!

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You’re welcome @Didjelo