Midimap automix

Hello, I am trying to midimap automix button for my controller. Any idea what line of code to enter into my midmimap file to have automix funcionality when i press desired left and right automix buttons on my controller?

Hi Vuk,

You can map the buttons to “Mixer” > “Transition to Left” (and Right).

Do you mean to disable the jogwheels completely? This is not supported, sorry.

You can just enable “Jog Pitch Bend Mode” under “MIDI” > “Options”.

Thanks for the reply. Now, one more thing, what’s the function to midimap jogs on/off?

I was thinking of a situation where I could accidentally push the jogs as they are either in search or scratch mode and ruin the playing track. So on/off function or perhaps assign the pitch bend or fx dry/wet to jogs would minimize the impact on the playing track. Any of these solutions possible via midimap?

Thanks Warren.